In the past people use to think that puppies should be trained after they reach six or ten months old, fortunately today we know we can start as soon as the puppy finishes his vaccination period, which is at eight to ten weeks old.

This allows the owners to establish the puppy's habits, inside & outside the house ,as soon as he arrives to his new home , it also makes it easier for the puppies to grow up with good habits and discipline while he become another member of the family.

As I have mention before in another page of this web site the purpose of obedience  training is not to teach tricks like sit or stay , but the bottom line is that the puppy or dog learns to listen and obey through the repetition of obedience routines.Of course it is important that the puppy can sit and stay at a designated place when the handler want him/her to do it, but more important than that is that he gets to understand what we want from him.If we wait for him to reach six months old to start with this we are going to find very troubled big puppies that destroy things around the home simply out of pleasure because they don't know any better.

In a litter of six puppies there is usually a very laid back one as also there is a very hyperactive one and their personalities need to be adapted to the environment that they will grow up to live in.So it is our duty to help the puppy to adapt to his new family and home as soon as possible.

Bad habits can be fix ed but it is far easier to install good habits from the begining Its much simpler all round-easier for the puppy and for his owner and this saves considerable amounts of money and time for all concerned.

It is no secret that puppies like to urinate everywhere or that they they love to chew our brand new fancy shoes, bolt out the door as soon as it's open, or bark constantly for no real reason.These and a hundred other examples of "misbehaviour" are normal for a puppy and it's not his fault.Young healthy dogs should behave like this, for them every thing is a game.

Obedience training can be a game too , and puppies enjoy it Having an obedience class everyday for 30 minutes is not only fun but at the same time, it burns off the excess of energy that is generated by the puppy being on his own ,all alone while the family is out at school and work.

So do not cause unnecessary stress to both your self and you puppy...... START  NOW .......with obedience training.

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