A dog should consistently eat at the same time ,from the same dish , the same type of food , at the same place and if possible from the same hand .

The food should be presented to him /her only for 15 minutes and if they don't finish the food within that time , the plate should be removed and not placed before the dog again until the next time that they are scheduled to eat .

The number of times per day that a dog is fed and the quantity of food expected to be eaten is determined by the age and size of the dog in question .

it is imperative to observe several rules .

IF we don't want a beggar dog we should never feed them when we ourselves are at the table eating. never ever offer a tidbit to the dog as that will begin or we will unchain an inappropriate reaction from the dog towards food.

If we synchronize the intake of the dog's food we can predict with accuracy the time he will relieve himself . It is a proven fact that animals defecate soon after eating .

At any given time while they are eating we must be able to remove the food from their mouths or move the place of the plate and we must make of this an exercise to avoid undesirable patterns such as him/her getting territorial/protective of their food.

If we follow, very strictly, the feeding routine then we can expect that our pets will refuse food from strangers , so avoiding in the worst scenario , intentional or non intentional food poisoning

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