Destructive Attitude


A young healthy dog needs a lot of exercise to burn his /her everyday newly accumulated energy and a 30 minutes walk is not always going to take care of that , especially in dogs who have hyperactivity tendencies. Out of a normal litter of dogs of any given breed you are going to find some dogs that are very relaxed, laid back , almost lazy while others are going to have more energy. Progressively you get to the situation where we have what is referred to as the hyper active dog. Hyper active dogs are in fact somewhat contradictorally excellent dogs because they posses the drive to achieve almost anything that we want to demand from them in any given field for example hunting , tracking , competing in obedience trials , for protection purpose and even as rescue or aid dogs .

A dog with this amount of energy needs to burn it everyday and a "walkie" is not going to take care of that . This is especially so if the dog has not been trained at a very minimum in obedience and even if he/she is obedience trained the dog needs to burn energy or this energy is going to turn into a destructive attitude.This inevitable attitude is not a result of any fault on the dog's part and there are specially designed exercises to enable the dog to burn this excess energy not only physically but mentally as well .

There are other reasons for destructive attitudes for instance the separation syndrome The separation syndrome is when a dog cannot bear to be left alone and needs in a pathological way to be with his/her owner all the time. A telltale symptom of this syndrome may be that when the owner goes to work the dog goes into a state of hysteria and becomes destructive. He does this not as a way of retribution for been left alone , but because of a lack of control which makes him unable to deal effectively with this situation.In this state of hysteria the dog not only destroys things but will urinate , defecate and resort to every conceivable mode of unreasonable behaviour . To resolve this malady we need to apply a very specific therapy for each specific case and this involves obedience training which teaches the dog amongst many other things, to gain self control over any given circumstance .

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