I have loved animals all my life , i had my first pure breed dog in the very early 60’ and in my first dog show with an a Akita female i won best of breed , best of group and that was that i was totally hooked into dog shows but in Mexico your dog can not be a champion if you don’t win also obedience trials and temperament test . So i continue to show and compete until the early 70’ as an amateur then i had the luck to meet William Haggerty who those days he was the chief of the New York dog police and i trained with with him then we became friends and sold me 10 Dobermans and came with me to Mexico city to help me start my first dog school where i had from grooming service , veterinarian practice and besides the dog school we rented dogs to industrial plants protection dogs . A couple of years later i had the opportunity to create the Mexican dog police , i started with the crow control dogs which were rescue Dobermans we had 300 when i started.

In the mid 70’ the Mexico Police bought 3 Alaskan Malamutes from the D.E.A (american drug enforcement agency) and i was trained to give maintenance to these dogs and to train new ones for the Mexican Federal police and the dog police department that i controlled became federal so i started developing different sniffing specialities like explosives detection with dogs . After many years of working with dogs in Mexico , the U.S.A i came to live in Scotland in 2004 and since then K9Edinburgh has become a platform to produce happy dogs , specialized in many different forms of dog training and behavior modification but for me is not enough to make a dog stop biting , for me the goal , is to make a happy dog that enjoys been with other dogs and humans .

While i have dedicated a life to dogs i also had the opportunity to study two years of veterinary school in the Universidad Autonomy de Mexico.

I have a degree in computer science from I.B.M MEXICO.

I am a certified practitioner of Hypnosis and N.L.P which i earned in N.LP Scotland in Glasgow .

Several photography courses with Nikon , Jessops and with award wining photographers .

Recently i have visited Berlin to updated my food rewarding methods with clicker and without it where the same principle appllies but without the clicker.
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