Dog training classes are both a fun way to meet other dog owners and provide the most effective behavior modification for your dog in the presence of other people and dogs, though we do also offer one to one training sessions which may be more suitable. Our dog behaviour classes are intended to provide a comprehensive insight into common behavioural characteristics and the associated problems which are most commonly encountered and provide the opportunity for you to acquaint your dog with others in the context of behavioural modification. Please feel free to browse through our site for more detailed information on the nature of our dog training and behaviour classes and we look forward to seeing you and your dog at our Edinburgh centre.

Dog Photography Studio

So the dog is trained .Why not keep a picture of them while working on the Agility course or on a obedience exercise or simply at home where we can see it and remember all those pleasant times that training our dogs left in our minds and hearts ..



In the past people use to think that puppies should be trained after they reach six or ten months old, fortunately today we know we can start as soon as the puppy finishes his vaccination period, which is at eight to ten weeks old.


Off The Leash

Before undertaking "off the leash" training , dogs must have completed the obedience "on the leash" training or equivalent. Allowing your dog to be "off the leash"could be very risky.


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30 minutes One To One and 60 minutes daily group classes



Dog Agility Monday to Thursday all year round

Dog Training and Behaviour Classes – Edinburgh

Dog Behaviour & training Monday to Friday

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